Pipelines Near your School

Do you know where underground pipelines are located near your school?

School personnel working near a Tallgrass pipeline are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the pipeline's path and to develop safety and evacuation procedures that address response to a suspected pipeline leak or rupture.

If your school is located near a pipeline it is important that your safety procedures give instructions on how to recognize and respond to a pipeline emergency.

The following are suggestions for incorporating pipeline emergency preparedness into your safety procedures:

  • Familiarize your staff, including bus drivers, with the location of nearby pipelines and aboveground pipeline facilities. Communicate information regarding the signs of a leak and appropriate response procedures. Bus drivers should be familiar not only with the location of pipelines near school property but also along their bus route.
  • Locate pipeline markers on or near school property. Write down the name of the operator, the name of the product transported and the operator’s emergency contact number. All of this information is printed on the pipeline marker.
  • Incorporate the reference information obtained from pipeline markers into your safety procedures and reference materials.
  • Conduct drills or tabletop exercises to simulate and test your emergency response procedures.
  • Ensure primary and secondary meeting locations are not near the pipeline.

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