Total Water Management: Solutions for the Entire Life Cycle

Established in 2012, Tallgrass Water provides cost-efficient and reliable water infrastructure and innovative solutions for a variety of uses, including energy, industrial, municipal, and agricultural applications – creating client value along the way. Our proven approach consistently drives efficiency into our clients’ operations, leading to cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint.

    • Permanent water pipeline infrastructure – design, build, own, operate
    • Water sourcing and logistics
    • Water Storage
    • Wastewater treatment and recycling
    • Municipal, industrial, and agricultural water partnerships
    • Gathering and disposal
    • Full water program management
    • Hydro testing


Growth Focus

Sustainable Water Initiatives and Technology

We constantly explore and evaluate sustainable, leading-edge technologies for water reuse and elimination applications that enable us to provide our customers innovative solutions and cost-savings that effectively address their business needs. We can apply this technology to meet the needs of customers in other industry sectors as well. This proprietary technology has been shown to evaporate water exponentially faster than traditional methods – in some cases 59 times faster. This technology is particularly appealing because its low environmental footprint aligns with our commitment to operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.


Tallgrass Water has access to capital and expertise to develop, fund, design, build, own and operate water technology and infrastructure projects across a diverse array of sectors, from energy and agriculture to municipal and industrial water users and suppliers. We’re actively engaged in evaluating public/private partnerships and are open to direct discussions with state, municipal and private partners regarding how to meet long-term water needs. We built our company serving the energy sector, and we fully intend to continue to grow our position within the industry even as we diversify to meet the needs of other sectors.


Established as BNN Water Solutions, the company was subsequently acquired by Tallgrass Energy and became Tallgrass Water. For more information about Tallgrass,

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